Six free urban fantasy books just for you

Urban fantasy starter library

When I’m not writing, I’m often reading…which is what gave me the idea for my current project. I’ve watched others’ permafree box sets enviously for a while, waiting to be invited…and then I realized I should obviously make one of my own.

But I didn’t take the usual path of big box sets who include anyone who cares to apply. In fact, I didn’t let *anyone* apply. Instead, I pored back over my Goodreads reviews and contacted my very favorite indie authors of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I had to beg one author to take her book out of KDP Select so it would be eligible for the permafree box set and had to beg another one to let me include a normally paid book for free.

To cut a long story short, Moon Magic contains Shiftless plus five other novels that I suspect most of my readers will adore. And you can download a free copy at any or all of the following retailers:

 Amazon nook apple google smashwords

If you give it a whirl, I’ll be very curious to hear which of the included stories was your favorite. And don’t just tell me! You’ll make the day of six authors at once if you take the time to leave a review and/or tell a friend when you’re done. Thanks so much for your support! You are why I write.