June urban fantasy on Kindle Unlimited

Descended from DragonsI’ve read so many delightful books since my last recommendation post that I’m going to have to break my reviews into two installments. This one is the most relevant to most of you — strictly in the realm of urban fantasy. So, without further ado, let’s stuff your kindle!

Moon Born by Marina Finlayson is different, deep, and thought-provoking. This shifter novella has intense character development and top-notch worldbuilding…just like all of the author’s other books. (Yes, I’m a fan.)

Grim Haven by Jen Rasmussen is beautifully written and also entirely gripping. This urban-fantasy novel includes a great hook (a heroine who makes magic by writing story spells in her own blood), an intriguing evil to battle against (which I want to tell you about, but won’t for fear of spoiling the plot), and a light love story with an enticing romantic lead. Sold yet? Like all of the titles in this post, Grim Haven is free to borrow with Kindle Unlimited!

Descended from Dragons by Tricia Owens is everything urban fantasy should be…plus dragon shifters! I particularly loved the Las-Vegas-turned-magical world, complete with gargoyle shifter, cursed pawn shop, underage master magician, and werewolf who’s reluctant to shift to two legs. Try it, you won’t regret it.

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