A conversation with Hunter

Poll results

Aimee: I polled my super-readers and 55% of them said they’d like to hear about your background. Do you think you have a short story in you?

Hunter: Sure.

Aimee to herself: Hmm, he sure is terse. But I’ll bet I can drag at least one anecdote of him.

One week of dictation later….

Aimee: I’m starting to get worried here. I’ve already¬†pounded out 6,000 words…and we’re not quite to the one-quarter mark yet. I thought you said you’d give me a short story.

Hunter: I am.

Aimee: A short story is under 7,500 words. A novelette would be okay — that’s 7,500 words to 17,500 words. More than that and we’re in novella territory and pushing into my fall deadline for Wolf Landing.

Hunter: Do you want to hear this story or not?

Aimee [sighing]: Okay. What happened next?


In other words, your bonus short story is turning into a bonus novella and Wolf Landing might arrive in late fall rather than in mid fall. I swear it’s not my fault. Here, how about you take a poll to help me decide on a title so Hunter can make me ignore that request just like he did your previous one?