Lions, Bears, and Werewolves, Oh My: Video from the 2020 Imaginarium

The Imaginarium was forced to go online due to the pandemic…which means my talk turned into a video I can share with you!

Humans that morph into animals abound in fantasy and romance and can even be found in literary fiction, science fiction, and horror. But which shifters appeal to which readers? From fated mates and found family to power dynamics and inner struggles, dive into the tropes and worldbuilding facets of werewolves and other shifters as they related to a variety of genres.

Although you can’t can’t take part in the interactive portion, you can comment on the facebook post below as you watch. Enjoy!

Last week, I took part in the 2020 Imaginarium. The organizers wisely decided to move the convention online…which means I can share my talk with you!

Posted by Aimee Easterling on Monday, September 28, 2020