Every werewolf knows the meek won’t inherit the earth

Half Wolf

I’m excited to announce that Half Wolf is now available to buy or borrow on Amazon! I’ve set the price as low as possible — 99 cents — for the first week to make it easy for fans to pick up a copy. But don’t delay — Half Wolf will be going back to full price soon.

Early reviewers are calling the book “compelling and well paced” and “tense, dramatic, sexy, and intriguing.” “You won’t be able to put it down,” promises another reader. And, more personally, this is the book I’ve had the most fun writing. I hope you have just as much fun reading it!

Not sold yet? Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

Does this book follow Alpha Ascendant or can it be read alone? Both! Half Wolf is the beginning of a spinoff series with Fen at the helm and I was careful to make sure you don’t need to know anything about the Wolf Rampant trilogy to enjoy this book. That said, the book begins a month after Alpha Ascendant ends. So if you absolutely don’t want any spoilers for that earlier trilogy, then you should read those books first.

Can my kids read Half Wolf? The Wolf Rampant trilogy was often mistaken for a young-adult series because there were no open-door sex scenes. And while some of you enjoyed that version of romance, 96% of you begged for more. So, by popular demand, I’ve upped the heat level in this new series to what romance novelists term “warm.” If you feel comfortable letting  your kids watch an R-rated movie, though, they’ll probably do fine with this book.

What else is different about this new series? I hope you’ll think it’s even better than the last! Fen is younger but much more of a kickass heroine than Terra was, Hunter is trouble wrapped up in a mouth-watering package, and Fen’s shifter buddies are equal parts loyal and annoying. The main difference is that Fen is a half-werewolf and an outcast, which makes her lot in life even tougher than Terra’s. Luckily, she’s strong and smart enough to make it work.

Does the book end in a cliffhanger? Half Wolf ends a bit like Shiftless does — the main story is wrapped up in a nice bow…then I tease you about book two. But I won’t make you wait so long for the sequel this time around. Packless is due to launch in June 2016.

Sound interesting? I hope you’ll grab your copy today. And if you want to earn my eternal gratitude, please consider writing a review when you’re done — your kind words help others decide whether to take a chance on a new author and spur me to keep on writing. Thank you so much! You are why I write.