Dragon Mage Chronicles: The Aerie

Dragon Mage Chronicles
My 2017 series is veering off into uncharted territory — dragon shifters, enchanted jewelry, elemental mages, airships, and much more. Which means my notebooks are full of maps, charts, and odds and ends that at least a few of you may enjoy. Let’s start with maps!

The Aerie

The Dragon Mage Chronicles revolve around a set of dragon foster brothers who rule over the Aerie — post-apocalyptic Knoxville, Tennessee. Sentient plants have consumed most of the earth, so the tops of skyscrapers are the safest spot for the average human (or dragon) to live.


Incendiary Magic (coming in the Fire Kissed anthology in August) stars Mason — the Lord Dragon who lives in the picturesque Sunsphere. In the real world, this structure was built for the 1982 World Fair and boasts a gold-windowed sphere with an observation deck that holds 86 people. In my world, the Sunsphere is the center of governance for the Aerie.

Dragon Mage Chronicles