Making a movie

On set

I’ll tell you up front that I’m the least video-oriented person you’ll probably ever meet. I literally have only cared about one television show in my adult life (Gilmore Girls! I adore them!) and I watch perhaps four carefully vetted movies a year. When folks send me links to youtube videos, I generally give up within the first fifteen seconds. Moving pictures just don’t hold a candle to the written word.

But my husband has always wanted to make a movie. The backstory — his dream — began decades ago, but more recently my writing was finally bringing in enough cash that we could afford to send Mark back to school to pursue his own creative passion. After three film classes, his growth as a filmmaker really started hitting its stride this winter. The time was ripe for a collaboration!


“If I write a short script, would you like to use it for your final project this semester?” I asked. He was thrilled to team up…with the caveat that we had neither the budget or the skills for fancy special effects. So no werewolves or lengthy dramas…but a short, sweet Christmas flick seemed right up both of our alleys.

I polished the script, prepared the props, and hunted down the right location while my husband hired actors and a director of photography. Then the big day came and I thoroughly enjoyed helping the actors with their lines and keeping us all moving forward while Mark worked his magic.

To cut a long story short, my husband is busy editing the final project now. The semester ends soon, so Lemons for Christmas will be available on Youtube within the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy it…and that you don’t stop watching after the first fifteen seconds.