New box set, new anthology, and new audio short!

While Shadowmated is visiting with my beta reader, I finally put my head down and launched a bunch of goodies that have been sitting around waiting to be shared with you. (Yes, launching is my last favorite part of the publishing process. Yes, I have even more goodies that will sit on my hard drive a little longer because I ran out of oomph after doing all this.)

Without further ado, the goodies!

Time Bites Trilogy audiobook

A Dog's Dinner & Other StoriesThe entire Time Bites Trilogy is now available as an omnibus edition in ebook, paperback, and audio formats! Yes, you can save quite a bit this way, especially if you buy in the next couple of days before launch pricing ends.


Meanwhile, the sister book is A Dog’s Dinner & Other Stories, which includes shorts from the Moon Marked, No Fox Given, and Time Bites series. This new release is only available in ebook and paperback since I don’t have audio editions available for all of the shorts.

However, some shorts are available as standalones audio. I’ve included those links below:


Hot Shift audiobook

Finally, Hot Shift is now available in audio! The ebook and print versions came out a couple of weeks ago, bundled into the Hot Shift & Other Stories anthology.

Phew! That’s a lot of new books in a short space of time. I hope they hold you over until my next novel releases in June. Thanks for reading!