Going wide with the Wolf Rampant series

Wolf Rampant seriesAs some of you may know, indie authors have a major decision to make each time they upload a book to Amazon. Do we commit to keeping the book on Amazon only, with the perk that our book is then eligible to be borrowed by Kindle Unlimited subscribers? Or do we go “wide” — meaning we upload our book at other retailers too…but lose the right to have our book borrowed?

My books have done very well with borrows in the past. But now that Shiftless is free on all retailers, I decided to try my hand at going wide. This is an experiment, meaning that if sales on the other retailers don’t make up the income I lose from Amazon borrows within the next few months I’ll throw my hat back into the Kindle Unlimited ring. (Gotta pay the bills so I can keep writing Fen’s series!)

What does it mean to you? Pack Princess is now available at the following locations:

Shiftless is available wide as well:

And Alpha Ascendant will be hitting wide distribution in early June. (I’m as yet undecided about whether to make The Complete Bloodling Serial wide. For now, though, you can always snag a copy by signing up for my email list.)

If you want to help me out, I can use reviews on all of those retailers. (Copying and pasting your existing review from Amazon or Goodreads is entirely legit.) Or snag a copy on one of the non-Amazon sites now if you prefer reading in a non-kindle format. Thanks in advance for your help!