Zumba to smile to

I’ve you’ve read any of my books, you’ve probably gathered that I love spending time outdoors. I hiked a lot in the past but now I mostly garden…and as a result, the winter can sometimes give me cabin fever.

To combat that, I’ve taken up zumba this year…but not the regular zumba that’s all about shaking your booty. Instead, I’ve settled on dancing along to a few select youtube videos over and over that make me smile every time.

In case you’re interested in following along, here are my very favorites:

The title says it all — I always feel better when I’m dancing.

This one really helps me get into Fen’s head. I envision I’m practicing sword-fighting after dark just like my current favorite werewolf.

When I really need to get out of my head and into my body, this dance video hits the spot.

And this one picks me back up when an editing session goes badly and I think maybe this writing gig is too tough for me after all.

In case you’re curious, I dance alone in my room where no one can see me. Even the cats flee the house when it’s time to dance! It’s much easier to dance like no one’s looking…when no one’s looking. So come on, I dare you — give it a try!