Pack Princess Chapter 2 Scene 2

Here’s what Justin has to say after Chapter 2 Scene 1:

Chapter 2 Scene 2

I knew that I’d guessed the stranger’s identity correctly when he tilted his head to one side, his gaze roaming slowly down the length of my body as he tried to place me within his own internal data banks. Unfortunately, as the alpha’s eyes drifted south, my own attention was drawn back to the fact that I was still completely naked, and I forced my motions to appear coy instead of hurried as I slowly worked my legs into the panties waiting on a chair and then tossed a t-shirt over my head before donning a pair of jeans. I could have sighed in relief at finally placing a layer of fabric between myself and my visitor, but instead I just placed my hands on my hips saucily and waited for the stranger’s reply.

“I would definitely remember you if we’d ever met before,” Justin muttered at last, taking a step closer to peer down into my face. As he neared, my wolf overrode my best intentions to flirt, and she instead flashed up into my eyes dangerously, the barest hint of a growl emanating from our shared lips. Luckily, Justin took our growl as a flirtation rather than as a challenge and, raising his hand in mock surrender, the other alpha backed away and gave me the space to breathe once again.

“You were courting my sister at the last All-Pack that I attended,” I reminded the stranger, keeping my voice light with an effort. I’d suspected from the moment when I first smelled this visitor’s scent that the man in front of me was a relative of my mate’s, and now his reaction to the name “Justin” proved his status as my least-favorite relative-in-law. It was hard to prevent Wolfie’s secondhand memories from coloring my words now, since my mate had told me the tale of how the young bloodling he once was had been pushed out of his birth pack by his bullying older brother. My own memories of the alpha in front of me picked up a couple of years later, when the same bully had led along my older sister during our All-Pack gathering, then had broken her heart when he failed to contact the besotted teenager after the event ended.

For both of those wrongs, I would have gladly retaliated by scratching out Justin’s eyes. But, instead, I just smiled and pretended not to be disgusted by this shifter who looked so much like Wolfie on the outside…but whose actions painted a very different picture of his internal landscape.

Luckily, I didn’t have terribly long to consider my visitor’s missteps, since my sentence had succeeded in jogging his memory of past events. “Your sister is Brooke the Beautiful, the one who got away,” Justin responded at last, his eyes still tracing my curves as he slowly put two and two together. The alpha paused then, oblivious to my inner turmoil as he tried to remember the name of a young shifter who would have seemed inconsequential at the time, especially given the fact that Brooke herself had clearly been barely memorable. But my visitor’s recall was keen, even if the nickname he came up with wasn’t my favorite. “Which would make you Terra the Tomboy,” he added at last, the alpha’s smile so wide that it was obvious he expected to be roundly congratulated for remembering Brooke’s kid sister’s existence in the first place.

Justin the Jerk, I could have responded, tossing back the nickname that my sister and I had come up with once the handsome male now standing in front of me had dropped my sister flat. But, instead, I simply walked over to the refrigerator to pour myself a glass of iced tea, keeping my hands busy so they wouldn’t clench into fists at my sides. Just a game, my wolf reminded me, and I relaxed slightly at her silent encouragement.

“But as much as I’d love to stay and chat with you all day, Miss Terra,” Justin continued while I was communing with my inner wolf, “I’m afraid I have pack business that really can’t wait. Do you know when your father will be available to meet with me?”

As he spoke, the alpha reached out to take the glass of tea from my hand, expecting to be served with the arrogance of every other alpha male I’d ever met (my mate excluded). And even though I was trying to act like the submissive pack princess that I’d never been, I couldn’t resist sliding the tumbler away from Justin’s outstretched digits and tipping the cold beverage to my own lips instead. Because, while I might be forced to hold my nose and flirt with this male werewolf, I definitely wasn’t going to become his servant.

“My father, I’m afraid, will be unavailable for the foreseeable future,” I replied, after Justin had bowed his head in acknowledgment of my minor victory. “At All-Pack, I’ll be taking care of Wilder business in his stead. So, I guess you actually came to speak with me.”

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