February Kindle Unlimited recommendations

Alaskan FireAre you ready for another round of Kindle Unlimited recommendations? These are a followup to my 2015 favorites in fantasy, speculative romance, and contemporary/historical fiction. I’ll start off once again with urban fantasy and paranormal romance that you’re bound to enjoy if you like my books.

Husband Fur Hire by T.S. Joyce made me set aside my ban on were-bears. The author appears to have finally found a proofreader without losing any of the great characters and interesting Alaskan settings that made her previous books shine. And this offering even introduces an overall plot arc that threads through multiple books and makes the series more than just half a dozen standalone romances. No wonder Joyce turned into my go-to weekend comfort reading of choice.

Alaskan Fire by Sara King starts out as formulaic shifter romance, but quickly morphs into urban fantasy wrapped up in an Alaskan homesteading package. The book is very long but the characters kept me interested for all 578 pages. (Yes, I did seem to be on an Alaskan kick this winter. What can I say? The setting makes our cold look more manageable.)

Dead Rising by Debra Dunbar clocks in much lower on the romance scale and higher on the world-building, and I have to admit the result felt draggy in spots. But the series starter has interesting bones and I consider Dunbar an author worth watching.

Pippa of LauramoreMoving a little further afield, we come to Shari L. Tapscott’s Pippa of Lauramore. If you loved Ella Enchanted (the book, not the movie) or other fairy tale retellings, then Pippa will be right up your alley. There’s a solid romance, but told in a young-adult manner that includes more falling in love and less overt sparks. Plus the spunky heroine and fun adventures are bound to be a hit.

Finally, Michelle Diener’s Dark Deeds is a sequel that can be read as a standalone. Just like Dark Horse, this new novel is a tantalizing science fiction romance that hits all of the high points of both genres. I can hardly wait for book three.

How about you? Have you read anything in kindle unlimited lately that’s worth shouting about from a mountaintop? I consume a few books a week and am always looking for recommendations, so I hope you’ll share your favorites in the comments section below.