Aimee Easterling reading order

When I’ve read about 90% of the stories by a favorite author, I often get stuck trying to fill in the gaps. If that sounds like you, hopefully this page will help point you in the right direction. So, without further ado, recommended reading order:

(Books in parentheses are side stories. If you’re not a completionist and are not a fan of shorts, you can safely skip these.)

(Books in German/Bücher auf Deutsch)

ShiftlessWolf Rampant Trilogy: Terra’s series; sold on Radish as “Hiding from the Alpha”


(The Complete Bloodling Serial — Wolfie’s novel-length serial)

(Scapegoat — Chase’s novelette, found in Street Spells and available in audio)

(Pool Party — Chief Wilder’s tale, a newsletter-only short story)

Pack Princess

Alpha Ascendant

(Bloodling Song — a different bloodling finds his voice in this flash fiction story, included in the Thirteenth Werewolf anthology)

Half WolfAlpha Underground Trilogy: Fen’s series, minor spoilers for Wolf Rampant

(Tough as Nails — Fen’s prequel, originally part of the Beyond Secret Worlds anthology and now available in the Thirteenth Werewolf anthology)

Half Wolf

(Dark Wolf Adrift — Hunter’s prequel novella)

Lone Wolf Dawn

Wolf Landing

(Yule Moon — five flash fiction stories, found in the Alpha Underground box set and also part of Magic & Mistletoe)

(Werewolf Recipe Swap — open-to-the-public Patreon post)

(When the Wolf Catches the Car — a link between Alpha Underground and Huntress Born, included in Wolf Landing, the Alpha Underground box set, and available as a Patreon extra.)

Huntress BornWolf Legacy Quartet: Ember’s series; chronologically, this series is set after Moon Marked and before Moon Blind but I’m including it here in the order in which it was written and published; minor spoilers for Wolf Rampant; sold on Radish as “Mated to a Stranger”

(First Blood — a link between Alpha Ascendant and Huntress Born, website short story and part of the Modern Magic anthology)

Huntress Born

Huntress Bound

(In the Kitchen With Werewolves — newsletter-only short story about Ember’s childhood)

Rogue Huntress

(Macaroni Dreams — a peek into Sebastien’s history, website short story)

Huntress Unleashed

(Muffins & Moonlight — spoiler-filled short story involving Ember, told from the point of view of Claw in the Moon Blind series, available via Patreon, in Huntress Unleashed, and in the Wolf Legacy Quartet)

Wolf's Pack



Wolf’s Pack is a massive box set that contains everything above this point. (Yes, extras too with the exception of those exclusive to Patreon.) Due to its size, Wolf’s Pack is not available on Amazon, Hoopla, or on paper. But the box set is available in ebook form everywhere else.






Wolf Dreams


Moon Blind Duology: Olivia’s series; minor spoilers for Wolf Legacy; sold on Radish as “Changed by the Alpha”

Wolf Dreams

(First Sight — a newsletter-only scene from Claw’s point of view)

Moon Dancer





Moon Glamour

Samhain Shifters: standalone adventurous romances following side characters from other series; very minor spoilers as listed below

(Ambush — a scene included in the Shifter Secrets newsletter, from Tank’s point of view with minor spoilers for the Moon Marked series)

Moon Glamour — Tank and Athena’s novel (very minor spoilers for the Moon Marked series)

(A Snowball’s Chance — short story from Rune’s point of view with minor spoilers for Moon Glamour, newsletter-only extra)

Charmed Wolf — Tara and Rune’s novel (minor spoilers for Moon Glamour)

Fae Wolf — Storm and Ryder’s novel (minor spoilers for Charmed Wolf)

(Beastly — a standalone short story about an ordinary widow who shows up for a job interview and finds something extraordinary. The ebook is Patreon-exclusive while the audio and paperback versions are available on retailer sites)


Wolf's BaneMoon Marked Trilogy: Mai’s series; no spoilers or overlapping characters (a great alternative entrance point!); Available in German/Auf Deutsch erhältlich; sold on Radish as “The Alpha’s Secret”

(Fox Hunt — prequel novella found in the High Moon anthology)

Wolf’s Bane

(Library Werewolf — a newsletter-only flash fiction)

(Kira’s Tale — a newsletter-only flash fiction)

Shadow Wolf

Fox Blood

(Outfoxed — 20 page bonus epilogue bundled into both Fox Blood and Moon Marked Trilogy ebooks. The story is also available as a standalone audiobook and paperback.)

Full Moon Saloon


No Fox Given Trilogy: Kira’s series; some spoilers for Moon Marked; Available in German/Auf Deutsch erhältlich

Full Moon Saloon

Rogue Moon

Moon Duel

(Slaying Solstice — Patreon-exclusive short story)

(The Alpha Puzzle & Broke Truck, Lost Pup — two short stories from Thom’s point of view, available as a standalone in audio and paperback, digitally on Patreon, and bundled into the upcoming No Fox Given collector’s edition hardback)


Wolf Trap



Time Bites: Tru’s series; some spoilers for No Fox Given; Available in German/Auf Deutsch erhältlich; sold on Radish as “The Werewolf’s Obsession”

Wolf Trap

(Undelivered Correspondence — Patreon-exclusive short)

(A Blast from the Past — newsletter-only author commentary)

Wolf’s Curse

(Family FTW — Patreon-exclusive short)

Wolf’s Choice



Moon Stalked


Moon-Crossed Wolves Trilogy: Honor’s series; no spoilers or overlapping characters (a great alternative entrance point!); sold on Radish as “Alpha at her Back”

(Thirteenth Werewolf — available in the Thirteenth Werewolf anthology)

Moon Stalked

Alpha’s Hunt

Stray Shifter

(Reunion: Through Justice’s Eyes — newsletter-only bonus scene)


Incendiary Magic


Dragon Mage Chronicles: standalone dragon shifter romances; no spoilers or overlapping characters to other series

(Biological Clock — how plants came to take over the world; website flash fiction)

Incendiary Magic — Fee’s novella (was part of the Fire Kissed box set)

Verdant Magic — Amber’s novel

Cerulean Magic — Sabrina’s novel

(Flight of Fancy — I use a time machine to visit with the cast of the Dragon Mage Chronicles; website short story)

(Mop Magic — a wind witch finds her powers; available in the Thirteenth Werewolf anthology)