All the news I apparently didn’t think was fit to print…

Patreon extras

I realized I hadn’t posted here every month when a new extra dropped on Patreon. Current extras include:

  • Werewolf Recipe Swap (open to non-patrons) — A pair of recipe cards that seem to have been sent from the Wilder-Young pack to Fen’s recently established Wolf Landing in 2014
  • Broke Truck, Lost Pup — A young Thom from the No Fox Given series meets Wolfie by mistake
  • Undelivered Correspondence — Letters between Tru and Drake, set before the events in Wolf Trap
  • When the Wolf Catches the Car — Set between Alpha Underground and Wolf Legacy, this short follows a teenaged Ember’s efforts to babysit Fen’s pack
  • Slaying Solstice — A text exchange between Kira, Grub, and Mai
  • Muffins & Moonlight — Ember and Claw team up on a [redacted] quest

Wolf Trap audiobook

Meanwhile, if you’re an audio fan, you might have missed Wolf Trap hitting all retailers in listenable form. The ebook will also be dropping out of Kindle Unlimited and reaching the non-Amazon sites in two short weeks.

German werewolf books

Finally, if you have friends who prefer to read in German, I hope you’ll mention that the translated version of Mai’s series is now bundled up (and the first book is free) while Kira’s first adventure has been translated as well.

Phew, that’s a lot of new stuff! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.