Urban fantasy or paranormal romance?

Paranormal romance or urban fantasy?

Have you ever wondered what the big distinction is between paranormal romance and urban fantasy? This fun blog post breaks it down in librarian fashion — it’s all about the proportion of romance (emphasis on the relationship and the happily ever after) versus fantastical world-building.

That’s all well and good, but deep down inside I’m a chart-lover. So what I really got a kick out of was the bestselling books lined up visually with high fantasy appeal on the right side and high romance appeal on the top side.

Although I have quibbles with the placement of a few books, the chart made it abundantly clear that I really prefer my books to have a romance level of at least four while I’m apparently willing to put up with world-building in the two range if the characters are good. So even though I call myself an urban fantasy writer, maybe I’m more of a paranormal romance reader?

How about you? Do all of your favorite books cluster on the same part of the chart? And do you believe in the distinction between urban fantasy and paranormal romance, or do you think it’s all a matter of semantics?