News, news, news!

Wolf Dreams excerptFirst of all, I realized I never explicitly told you that Wolf Dreams is live! If you’re on the fence about giving it a try, here are some reviews to change your mind:

A smart, educated, amazing lead female character with a few flaws…both funny and relatable — Summer Rain

Fast-paced and laced with mystery and suspense — Tamara Kasyan

Sparks fly as danger ensues in epic proportions — Kaye

Angst, drama, emotions and romance with a bit of mystery thrown in — Robin Smith

Full of excitement and humor and fun — LHill

My new favorite from Aimee Easterling — Shadowcat

Lone Wolf Dawn audiobook

If you’d rather listen rather than read, the second book in my Alpha Underground series is now available as an audiobook. My narrator tells me that book three will probably be out in June. (And, if you missed it, book one is available in audio as well.)

Shiftless cover timeline

Finally, don’t be shocked if you see Shiftless with a new cover. I’ve loved all of this book’s covers (with the possible exception of my homemade effort on the far left), but there’s a reason books get a facelift every few years. Readers who’ve decided they don’t want any part of a book might give it a try with a new cover, and styles change over time.

To cut a long story short, Shiftless has a new look and the rest of the series will soon as well. I hope you enjoy the update!