Ember’s favorite cupcakes

Wolf Cupcakes

A huge thank you to everyone who’s made Rogue Huntress‘s release such a great success! Since I can’t send you real cupcakes in exchange for your assistance, here are some virtual ones created through a partnership between the Endangered Wolf Center and Sweetology. I think Ember would have loved them. Obviously, she would have chosen the chocolate….

While I appreciate everyone who bought or borrowed a copy and spread the word in any way they saw fit, I have to admit that I’m most grateful for kind reviews like these:

“The twists are page turning and the emotions that are brought out are heartwrenching and heartwarming” — Sara F

“Lots of tension and drama in this werewolf family story” — S

“Intense and full of emotions” — dora la exploradora

Reviews help readers who’ve never heard of me consider taking a chance on a stranger’s book. So if you want to make my day, please consider dropping by Amazon and letting me know what you think of this third installment in Ember’s quartet. Ember and I will be endlessly appreciative.

(And if you haven’t tried out Ember’s cupcake approach to solving crime yet, you can start the series with no risk by downloading a FREE copy of Huntress Born today only. Enjoy!)