Wolfie’s anniversary celebration

Birthday price dropThis month, my oldest werewolf book turns ten years old! To celebrate, I’ve got a lot of fun planned. First up is a massive price drop:

Shiftless — Book one in the Wolf Rampant series is free as always in ebook form and 90% off as an audiobook.

Pack Princess — Book two is 40% off as an ebook and 50% off as an audiobook.

Alpha Ascendant — Book three is 40% off as an ebook and 50% off as an audiobook.

Wolf Rampant Trilogy — You can save an extra dollar by buying the bundle in ebook or audiobook format.

The Complete Bloodling Serial — The prequel is 40% off in ebook format. (I haven’t dropped the price on this book in six and a half years, but Wolfie told me he wanted his off-beat humor to be read more widely and I caved.) (Not available as an audiobook.)

Wolf’s Pack — This massive box set contains the Wolf Rampant series, the affiliated Alpha Underground and Wolf Legacy series, plus all associated prequels, short stories, and novellas. Even at full price, you would save a bunch by grabbing Wolf’s Pack. But for the anniversary extravaganza, I’ve marked the ebook down to 67% off on the command of you-know-who. (Not available on Amazon or in audiobook format.)

New Release: Hot Shift & Other Stories (including the non-novel extras found in Wolf’s Pack) is 67% off at launch!

Audio lovers can check out the three novels and trilogy bundle above or dive into these audio-exclusive deals:

Wolf Rampant audiobook salesBloodling Wolf is 67% off at:

Chirp audiobooks




Beastly is 67% off at:

Chirp audiobooks




Scapegoat is 67% off at:

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More excitement is yet to come — stay tuned!