How good are you at reading faces?

20160122bodylanguagequizAs an author, I’m constantly trying to get into other people’s heads to make my characters more interesting. But when it comes to verbally representing nonverbal cues, sometimes I realize my characters have smiled or cocked their head to one side twenty times in the last chapter. So I decided to try out Berkeley’s Body Language Quiz, a fun way to test your face-reading abilities (while also being treated to twenty handy diagrams pinpointing which features showcase each emotion).

In the end, the quiz told me I scored above average, getting 14 out of 20 expressions right. However, I’m ashamed to admit that I misread love. Flirtation, compassion, pain — all were easy for me to guess. But love threw a monkey wrench in my brain receptors — don’t tell my husband!

I’ll be curious to hear how you fare. Reading fiction is supposed to boost your empathy levels, but spending too much time with your nose in a book might make your face-reading abilities suffer. So what do you think? Are readers good at reading faces…or just books?