Wolfie’s take on recipe swaps

Wolf art

If you’d like to read what Wolfie thinks equates to a helpful recipe to send to a distant pack member, you’ll want to check out this public patreon post. (Galena’s recipe, in contrast, is actually delicious.)

On a related note, I realized I hadn’t shared here about my newish excursion into patreon. Making beautiful swag and visiting with old characters was a lot of fun during my recent kickstarter, so I decided to make a smaller version into a regular occurrence. I’ll let you read about all the options over on my patreon page, but I didn’t want you to miss the boat since each month’s swag is exclusive and never-to-be repeated. If you’re interested in even more fun than you get from my newsletter (plus early access to my new releases), I’ll look forward to seeing you over there.